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Autumn Update: September 2013

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 30, 2013, 1:43 PM
  • Listening to: MCR- Planetary (GO!)
  • Reading: John Ruskin- The Lamp of Memory
  • Watching: Big School
  • Playing: with ideas
  • Eating: toast (getting ready for uni..!)
  • Drinking: lavender tea
Soooooooooooooooo........ remember me? I've been occupying an incredibly small space in all your deviantWATCH inboxes. I offer yet more apologies for not getting back into this wonderful world of art and fabulously talented people :(!

I have given up on transition between mental health services and am waiting to check in with the nutters' clinic at uni, who seem really lovely and I'm looking forward to meeting them all haha. So yes, I'm going to university in a few weeks and am busy trying to sort out where on earth I'm going to live for the next year (halls are reserved for priority candidates at the moment) but I shan't bore you with tedious detail- suffice to say it's all a headache right now XD! I am looking forward to it, because I know it'll be fantastic when I get there; stick with me whilst I get everything set up there!

As you can probably tell from my exuberant writing style currently, magnificent things are happening and things are changing very fast (though the majority of them are ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC changes to my life :heart:).

Anyways, I feel like it's been AGES since I've featured work! Here goes D: :

<da:thumb id="358831615"/>

PuffMonsta has written a very elegant, heartfelt poem. I could immediately hear the words performed; the stark reality of the words and cleverly positioned line breaks makes 'We Were Young' perfect as a performance poem.

BridgeAnd so today I pass away
from firesides where I've sat and smiled;
and so I go from road to road
from places where I was a child.
The leaves of gold have grown old
and summer light will fade away;
but here I lie beneath the sky
and live to face another day.
Beyond the road that I call home
another story waits for me;
with cherry trees, and silver leaves,
and books of living poetry.
Beside the sea a place will be
that waits for me to cherish it,
and as the sand runs through my hands
the night will never blemish it.
And so today I pass away
although my life is rooted here;
because this time my life is mine
and I must go and find it there.

ClioStorm's poetry is so wonderfully complex you can't help but be moved. Her gallery is filled with so many styles of writing I encourage everyone to look through it and learn as much from her as I have.

Keeping the features short for now, and hopefully in the coming months I can dedicate to some more critiques for you all. Until next time, happy deviousness!

Rationalist-v-Artist :dance:

Skin by the wonderfully talented Lydianime:

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When I was in Year 1 (about six years old), my teacher came over to my table. I desperately wanted to show her my work. It was a series of symmetric squiggles on a piece of A5 paper. I thought it was the best piece of art I'd ever done. The class went silent and she came over, took one look at it and tore it in two. She threw it onto my desk and carried on walking around.

For five more years, I never did another piece of art unless a teacher twisted my arm. Then in Year 7 (I was around 11) I had an equally nasty art teacher, who to this day I cannot think about without saying a prayer for her deliverance from her own ignorance. That was the second time a teacher had told me how terrible my art was, so I decided I would never do another piece of art ever again.

It was only until I had another teacher that my feelings for art changed. She encouraged me to explore different mediums, was always interested in my music and science and above all, she gave criticism that always made my work better. I decided then that I wouldn't let anyone stand in the way of my art.

As for all my poetry, I never understood why people desired to write, when they could find true answers through science. I was fourteen before I realised that the questions which truly meant something to me personally would never be able to be answered through science (on the contrary, science can only ever disprove someone else's claim). Poetry, whilst still never being able to answer fundamental questions about human life, can be like those friends: always here, and always saying the right thing at the right time.

All of this I feel is important for people to know for two reasons. 1) that you should never, under any circumstances, let people come between you and what you want to achieve in your life ( especially those people who will only throw slander, without any means of improvement). And 2) don't ever tell someone else they can't do what they want, and always help them if they ask for it.

All the deep, psychoanalytical stuff aside, I'm a music enthusiast, playing violin (and sort of piano) and dabbling in guitar, singing (choral- my voice doesn't blend with contemporary songs :(...) bodhrans and recorders. I'm fascinated by musical, philosophical and quantum theories. I love reading books of all kinds and have a great love for Shakespeare. I also love listening to people's life stories.

I live in the middle of England, next to a beautiful lake and not too far away from most of my closest friends, so I know I always have people there to rely on, and a place for inspiration and clearing my head.

So, all in all, I'm hoping to become a drug researcher (cures for psychosis or neurodegenerative diseases), who spends his private life writing poetry and books, and playing and singing music. Hence, Rationalist-v-Artist . If you've read all this about my life, then I think you have a similar interest in other people as I do. I don't find it creepy. Rather, I find it thrilling to know that there's someone like you out there who shares common ground with me. If you have any questions, academically or emotionally, send me a note. I'd love to help out.

Hey. Thanks for reading, and keep doing what you love. May peace be with you, and your faith guide you in life.

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